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About Membership to the Leadership Pulse

Certified Individual Membership ($5 month/$50 year) .  This level of membership grants access to our leader network and comes with a Member badge designation level of accomplishment.

Leader Associate Membership ($50 month/$499 year) – includes all the benefits of the certified membership for the leader plus certified membership for up to 100 team members.  In addition, the leader receives the following:

  • Leader level reports for all energy pulses; this includes aggregated data for all questions (other than personal diary items), online reporting, benchmark data and webinars for members only.
  • Associate membership in the Center for Effective Organizations (CEO) at the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California.
  • This membership comes with a Leader Associate badge designation level of accomplishment.
  • Invitations to CEO webinars and other learning events (executive education programs, leadership summits, local meetings and more).
  • Unique opportunities to meet and collaborate with the leader associate network of members.

Leader Associate with Coaching   ($250 month/$2,500 year) – In addition to the features for Leader Associate, team leaders receive eight hours of coaching to delve into the data and develop discussion points for the team.