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Sign up for the Leadership Pulse.  One of our consultants will contact Leader Associates to schedule an onboarding phone call

The Leadership Pulse launches approximately every quarter and is typically open for responses for about 6 weeks.

Each pulse, you will receive an email with your individual link to take the Leadership Pulse. Reminders will be sent out periodically over the 6 weeks that the pulse is active to those who have not yet participated.

Shortly after the pulse is closed, you receive an email with a link to your personal and team report, if you signed your team up.

After submitting your responses, you will receive instant access to your personal report and energy diary.

Note that if you are a Leader Associate, each of your team members will also receive their individual personal report and energy diary.

Following each pulse, Leader Associates will receive an infographic that they can share with their teams. This will include a short summary of the new data and tips to help team members learn from their individual personal reports.

Individual members, Leader associates and each of their team members will receive access to our online benchmarking report, which compares individual scores to others in their industry.

Leader associates and each of their team members will also receive a benchmarking report for their team, which allows individual team members to see how they influence their team, as well as how their team compares to their industry.

You will be invited to results-based webinars and will dialogue with thought leaders on the various topics studied.

Since all team members have their own personal reports, Leader associates should encourage each person to review their data and diaries and engage in reflective learning.

The Leadership Pulse is designed to lead you to the right actions for you and your team.

The ongoing learning helps you continually through the Pulse-Reflect-Learn-Action-Results cycle that adds to your leadership toolkit, advancing your career, and produces real-world results.