The Leadership Pulse™ is a development system for individuals who want to improve their leadership skills
and enhance the performance of their teams.  Combining real-time data, benchmarking,
coaching and customized development tools, members are part of a continuing education program.


Executive coaching built into the process

A program that fits into your busy lifestyle.

At a price, you can easily afford.

Share your successes via digital badges from USC

The Leadership Pulse™ started in 2003 by Dr. Theresa M. Welbourne.
Managers learn from each other, in real time, using Energy Pulsing and executive learning with the Center for Effective Organizations.

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Real-time learning, collaboration and thought leadership

Our Digital Badges

What is a digital badge?

As an individual certified member, you are a key part of the learning network. As you build skills, add badges to your portfolio.

As a leader associate member, you not only focus on your own skill development but also bring new learning to your team members.

As the leader of an Employee Resource Group, you gain an additional level of recognition, as the influence of your learning could be brought to others within your ERG.

Other learning accomplishments associated with digital badges:

Energy warrior (learn how to optimize and grow energy to help meet goals)

Energy director (help optimize the energy in your team and focus energy to drive success)

Valour (all-star leader status, bringing high performance to your team)

Confidence building (help develop internal strength to face change and embrace the new)

Innovator (break from routines and use innovation to strike out in new directions)

CEO – Driving Impact Through Research-Based Education

CEO at USC has been at the forefront of research to improve how effectively organizations are managed. It brings together researchers and executives to jointly explore critical organizational issues that involve the design and management of complex organizations. Through this partnership, members of the Leadership Pulse learn not only from the data they receive but also from the expertise of affiliates and professors who are leaders in their fields to help drive positive change in their own jobs and in their businesses.

ENERGY PULSING™ – Taking Action from Reflective Learning

The Leadership Pulse uses eePulse’s unique approach to frequent pulsing where all individual participants receive their own reports, which include a personal diary. Participants track their own trends, learn from reviewing data and then can compare their results to benchmark data. Leader associates use team data to engage employees in conversations based on the employees’ reflective learning.

LEADERSHIP PULSE™ – Data and Dialogue Driven Leadership

eePulse was founded to commercialize Dr. Welbourne’s research on employee energy and the drivers of growth in high performance organizations. She conducted this research while on the faculty at Cornell University, and then she later continued it at the University of Michigan. Today she conducts the research through her roles as a professor at the University of Alabama and as an afiliated research scientist with the University of Southern California’s Center for Effective Organizations.

LEADER ASSOCIATES – Energize Your Team, Connect To Peers

Leader Associates receive leader level energy reports for their teams, associate membership in CEO, invitations to CEO webinars and learning events, membership in the leader associate network, and members-only webinars and coaching calls. In these more focused conversations, leaders can uncover more from their data, learn from the researchers at CEO, and dialogue with peers who are facing similar challenges or opportunities.